Tracking your progress and free training plans.

Knowing that you are moving in the right direction when following a programme is not just important to make sure your training is working but it also motivates you to keep pushing hard every session. - Making goals are great but if you don’t monitor whether you’re going to reach them then you can get off track or fall behind easily. - Logging your training sessions are a great way to see progress and it gives you a sense of achievement. There are loads of apps that do this but the one I use for my training is RepCount. For my clients I use TrueCoach as it gives the user more information and video demonstrations. - If you are interested in getting a training plan then DM me. All @bpfhub members get access to a selection of free programmes or they can book in for a free consultation to get a tailored training plan. - @repcount #tetbury #gym #trainingplan #personaltrainer #fitness #onlinetraining #exercisemotivation